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Top quality ore microscopes are available in our store at fair prices. These items are highly ideal for viewing thick polished sections of mineral and rock specimens with the use of a reflected place and cross polarized lights.

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OreMicroscopes.com is your best source for top quality ore microscopes. If you are sure that ore microscopes are the items you need for your microscopy applications, then you have landed at the right website as we have precise equipment you need.

Let us discuss with you some parts and functions of an ore microscope. This type of viewing device has combined capabilities of an epi-illumination of a metallurgical microscope that includes polarizing microscope’s rotating state, polarizer, analyzer and bertrand lens. It can transmit polarized light as well as reflected polarized light.

An ore microscope consist of additional features of a reflected polarized light when compared to a polarized light microscope. Hence, some sections of an ore microscope such as rocks and minerals can be examined with the use of a high powered magnification with the use of polarization process. A basic polarizing viewing device only has the capability to view thin sections of objects. Polarizing microscopes are also known as petrographic microscope that uses transmitted light with thin sections. While ore microscopes are also called as mineralography microscope that uses polarized reflected light.

Metallurgical microscopes are capable to examine polished thick objects like rocks and metals. These viewing devices can also do a simple plane polarization system but they cannot have polarizer and analyzer both at the same time for cross polarized illumination. It will not have a bertrand lens or a rotating microscope stage as well. Ore microscopes are commonly used by geologists for the identification of minerals and rocks. They are used in petrology, mineralogy and geology. Opaque ore minerals in thin polished sections with the use of a reflected light can be viewed through microscopy and mineralography.

So if you are on the run buying a microscope but are getting confused which between an ore microscope or a polarizing microscope, you should give us a call and we will be glad to discuss to you the specific microscopy application that will suit your requirements. All of our microscope technicians are devoted to assisting our customers.